(Hi btw!) I'm Em Varosky, and ...

  • I'm a WRITER ...

    of 3 children's books (so far!) about going out of your comfort zone and finding out just what you're capable of ❤

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  • ... an ILLUSTRATOR ...

    of three characters, to be exact:

    • Skoshie the Cat
    • Wisp the Dragon
    • Zeek the Octopus
    Meet 'em 

    I have a BA in graphic design, too ~ est. 2010 ~

    • layout design
    • logo design
    • cartoonized portraits (darn, doesn't begin with an L)
    Peek at the portfolio 

Mugs & Drinkware

Because cocoa & coffee need a home

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T-Shirts + Totes


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  • Plushie & Book

    "My daughter LOVES her purple Skoshie (which she nicknamed Sushi), and 'Strange Wild Beings' we have read 5 times since we bought it from you this morning!"
    — Nikki M.

  • Planner

    "I ADORE the planner I bought from you ... This is my favorite planner ever and I am a 'planner' person so I have had EVERY type imaginable!"

    — Kate R.

  • Custom Notecards

    "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! This is my 3rd or 4th order of these beautiful cards Emely created for me..."

    — Terri W.

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