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Skoshie & Friends

Book 2: "Because You Can" (signed)

Book 2: "Because You Can" (signed)

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"Zeek the Octopus can do All The Things: climb trees, plant a garden, even build a secret cave hideaway.

But he can’t run. At least, not like his friends can. He’s an octopus, after all — he’s supposed to swim in water, not live in the woods!

But what will he do when a surprise visitor tries to convince him he doesn’t belong on land with his friends?"


This 42-page children's book (with full-page watercolor illustrations) explores themes like:

  • focusing on what you CAN do instead of getting frustrated by what you can't
  • trying new things
  • embracing what makes you different

(And yes, it's entirely written, illustrated and designed by me!)

AGES: 5-8

Hardcover or Softcover signed by the author.

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