The Em in EmVaro

illustrator • author • graphic designer

Fast Facts

+ Optimist
+ Drinker of coffee
+ Mama (of 4 cats)
+ Stepmom (of 2 humans)
+ Wife (of 1 human) (as you might expect)
+ (big fan of parentheses also)

Fun Facts


North Attleboro, Mass. (legit across the street from Rhode Island)


  • B.A. in graphic design, 2010 (that sounds so long ago)
  • Also was homeschooled from K-12 :) (thanks Mom!)


• 10 years as a newspaper layout editor
Small biz owner since 2020


LOTR (our wedding was themed like Middle Earth. Yes, it was awesome.)

Star Wars ("Mandalorian" is my favorite Disney+ show)

Marvel ("Loki" is my SECOND favorite Disney+ show)


sappy novels andddd personal-growth nonfiction (#balance)


anything. with. sugar.

It makes eating healthy a challenge, but I'm up for it ;)

At EmVaro, my goal is to help you LOOK FOR GOOD THINGS in the midst of this crazy world we live in, through encouraging illustrations and memorable characters:

Bring some positivity to your newsfeed! ❤