Hi there!

I'm Emely Varosky, the illustrator/author(/coffee-drinker ☕️) behind an unlikely cartoonish trio — 

a dragon, octopus, and cat

who promote optimism, motivation, and I-am-enough-ness through art and stories.

From children's books, to stuffed animals, original art, and more —

we encourage a glass-half-full view in this crazy world we live in.

That's why we do what we do.

Because we want kids and their moms to remember their own able-ness, their own enough-ness — their own strength to look for the good things.

Because when you look for good things, you just might find good things ❤

Fun Facts


North Attleboro, Mass. (legit across the street from Rhode Island)


  • Mama (of 4 cats)
  • Stepmom (of 2 teenage humans)
  • Wife (of 1 human) (as you might expect)

Resume (ridiculously short)

• 10 years as a newspaper layout editor (won multiple design awards, too!)
Small biz owner since 2020

(told you it was short)


LOTR (our wedding was loosely Middle Earth-themed. Yes, it was awesome.)

Star Wars (my cousins got me hooked early, and I've never looked back)

Marvel ("Loki" is my favorite Disney+ show)


  • YA fantasy novels (for fun)
  • Bible studies (for life)
  • personal-growth nonfiction (for learning)



anything. with. sugar.

It makes eating healthy a challenge, but I'm up for it ;)

Bring some positivity to your newsfeed! ❤