No more EmVaro?

No more EmVaro?

I'm sure there's a right way (and many wrong ways) to do an announcement like this.

But here we go: It's makeover time!

EmVaro Designs is getting a "new" name...

Meet: Skoshie & Friends!

Yep, we're rebranding.

Why?! Two main reasons.

1. We've wanted (for a while now) our brand name to more immediately communicate the fun, playful vibe of our characters and art. 

EmVaro, while snappy (imho), sometimes leads to confusion as to ... what we actually DO.

(More than one person has asked if it was related to the environment ☀️)

Skoshie & Friends is pronounced SKOshee, named after our first original character, Skoshie the Cat. 

"Skosh" (skōSH) means "a little, or a small amount," which is Skoshie the Cat's name because her personality embodies our brand's mission:

to encourage moms and kids to look for a little bit of good in the world around them. 

(As a bonus, "Skoshie & Friends" won't confuse people into thinking we're selling solar panels! ☀️)  

2. Skoshie & Friends spotlights where we want the focus to be: ... Skoshie the Cat and her Friends.

EmVaro is very directly connected to the one particular human who makes the stuff (since it's, ya know, my name Emely Varosky). 

We want to highlight the characters and the messages they tell!

What it means for YOU!

The biggest change that will affect YOU is if you're looking for us online, those names are changing!


Our handles are changing across the board. (This is actually GREAT news: Our names are finally now THE SAME THING on ALL platforms!)

@skoshieandfriends on 

***If you already follow us, don't worry! You don't have to re-follow — it's just a name change, not a new account!***

2. 👩🏻‍💻 WEBSITE

We're "officially" — though still redirects here.


Similar to the website, our email address is "officially" (though still redirects to the same inbox).


If you visit (please do!) any of our pop-ups/markets/comic cons this season, we're on the vendor lists under Skoshie & Friends :)

5. ✉️ EMAILS

And if you're on our email list (if you're not, why aren't you?! ☺️ ) those will be coming from a different source as well.

And what about EmVaro Designs?

It's still going to exist as kind of the "umbrella" company for Skoshie & Friends — specifically for my graphic design / freelance stuff. (Yes, I do logos for small businesses, and layout designs for a magazine)

So it's not exactly "going away" — just stepping back.

And giving the focus to our NEW name.

Ladies and gentlemen:

Skoshie & Friends


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