Word of the Year: 2023

Word of the Year: 2023

Sometimes you do a thing because “everyone else” is doing it.

But you should do a thing because it genuinely helps YOU.

That’s how I feel about picking a Word Of The Year.

Yes, it’s “late” to pick one.

... But is it really ever “too late” to make a change or declare a direction for your life?

If picking a Word Of The Year helps set the tone for the rest of your 2023, then DO IT anyway.

Not because everyone else is doing it ( ... or was doing it a month ago) 😇

There’s still puh-lentyyy of year left in 2023, and if waiting til February is what you needed this year to get your mind clear enough to focus on growth, 👏 then 👏 that’s 👏 okay.

The first time I heard of doing a Word Of The Year was when Ashlyn Carter wrote about the concept in 2020. So that's when I started:


That year, my word was emerge. That was the year I wanted to peek out of my shell and kickstart this lil business of mine. (And thennnn the pandemic happened … so … ya roll with it lol)


It was completely by accident that my 2020 word started with my name (Em). So I figured to keep the trend going.

2021 was all about taking bigger strides, bigger risks, setting sail without as much of an anchor.


We all need a reminder to be kind to ourselves and our loved ones, especially when life throws curveballs our way. Last year, my intention was to appreciate the opportunities and the moments more gently, and be less hard on myself in my expectations.

And that brings us to this year:


This year, my goal is (in short) to do things on purpose. To establish clarity in my message and my brand.

As someone who’s more spontaneous than strategic, I’m very easily distracted (shocking, I know), and my default status is to wing it. As a business owner, I need to do less of … that.

This year, I want my message and my actions to “more clearly defined” (definition of emphasize) as they align with my business goals.

P.S. Here Skoshie is looking up at a light-catcher that Zeek the Octopus made, which reflects light throughout Zeek's cave. (from my book "Because You Can")
It FOCUSES the light and SPREADS it around even BRIGHTER ☀️ That's what "emphasize" means to me 💜

Do you choose a word of the year? How do you decide on yours?

Just remember, it isn’t too late.

(According to me lol)


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