What you DON'T do matters as much as what you DO

What you DON'T do matters as much as what you DO

Except for a very few photos ... and GPS ...

We put our phones down.

For our sixth-anniversary weekend trip, we consciously did NOT use our phones or laptops.

For almost the entire weekend.

(We did take a few photos, and Geoff persuaded me that the frustration we would avoid by not relying on paper maps 🗺️ would be worth having our phones with us) 😂

And it was one of the most relaxing things I've done in a while.

Yes, work was waiting for me the whole time.

Yes, social media posts needed to be made
and projects were running late
and I could have taken a GAZILLION photos.

But NOT doing those things — including the lack of excessive-photo-taking — took a lot of pressure off.

Those things could wait. (and not having five million photos to sort through later was actually very wonderful)

What you choose to NOT do can be just as important as what you choose TO do.

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