We're live on Kickstarter!

We're live on Kickstarter!

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An introverted dragon, a multitasking octopus, and an optimistic cat walk into Kickstarter ...

Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce to you: brand-new plushie versions of Skoshie the Cat, Zeek the Octopus and Wisp the Dragon.

Not only are the prototypes complete — but this is where YOU come in! these little guys are on Kickstarter!

In order to make these ridiculously adorable positivity-plushies an actual reality, we need your help to get the funding together to make this manufacturing possible.

To manufacture in bulk is a WHOLE PROCESS, but you guys, it is so worth it.

If you’ve been around for a little while, you might already know we’ve actually had plushies before, of Skoshie and Zeek — which I loved! each one was handmade, which was cool! — but not the level that we hoped to stay at forever.

We want to scale, in order to get these little guys’ messages of positivity and optimism out to as many people as possible.

Now we’re working with a professional manufacturer, and we’re that much closer to making that happen.

This is the next step for these little guys, and I’m so excited you’re here to watch this journey happen.

And even if you can’t invest in the Kickstarter at this time, please consider sharing it, sharing my posts on social media, tell your friends — that would be huge. Word of mouth and testimonials go a loooong way.

I appreciate the enthusiasm that you guys have for these little guys and their stories.

Thanks for being here and coming on this ride with us. Keep being awesome.

Click here to support us on Kickstarter!

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