That 'worst thing' you're stressing about

That 'worst thing' you're stressing about

“My life has been full of terrible misfortunes 
most of which never happened.”
— Michel de Montaigne

Show of hands ✋ how many times did The Worst Thing that you stressed about, actually happen?

🦗 🦗🦗

(Sometimes, yes, it does happen. But most of the time …)


Last week, I read Strange Wild Beings at my stepdaughter’s school.

This week, I read it at my stepson’s friend’s early ed class.

Yesterday, I was invited to read at another school.


Last week, I was sure it would go horribly wrong.

This week, I was sure it would go horribly wrong.

Yesterday, as I sent the reply email, I was sure it would go horribly wrong.

Plot twist:
The “horribly wrong” didn’t happen.

Every worst-case scenario I stressed over for DAYSsSsSs leading up to The Thing

... That's usually how it goes, isn't it? We spend so.much.time. freaking out over what might go wrong, and then ... it doesn't.

(And would you believe me if I said The Thing actually went REALLY well?! Completely OPPOSITE my fears??)

Here’s some evidence:

(This is me reading to one of the MOST ENGAGED groups of kids EVER 💜 )

Maybe someday I’ll stop expecting the worst. I should be more optimistic

like Skoshie the Cat —

AND like the second-graders who found the CUTEST “good things” in Strange Wild Beings when I asked them to look for something “sweet.”
(you NEED to watch that part, it's near the end of the video and so heartwarming!)

Here’s to the next GOOD thing!

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