Risking my laptop's life ... in the pool

Risking my laptop's life ... in the pool

I’m risking life and limb for this … Or at least, my laptop’s life.

ON THE ONE HAND: Isn’t it weird how sometimes, you just CAN’T get into a groove no matter how hard you try? 🤔

ON THE OTHER HAND: Then at other times, you're so excited about a phase ( ... often that very same thing that you were dragging your feet about ... ) that it’s the onlyyyyy thing you want to do? 

✍️ That’s how writing is for me. It’s a phase thing.

Either it’s THE LAST thing I can concentrate on, or it is literally the only thing I can think about. There is   n o o o   in-between. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Apparently, this is a week of my randomly generated writing phase.

💻 💦 So me and my computer are sitting by the pool (only one of us actually IN the pool, fingers crossed 🤞 #lifeontheedge ) —

We’re gonna keep typing away on some writing projects INCLUDING 📖 BOOK 2 of the “Skoshie & Friends Adventures” series! (Look here for Book 1!)

And (drumroll please) we even have an actual story arc! *gasp* So each book will actually build on the last, toward an actual conclusion!

... That's a big deal, because I thought each book would just be its own little packet of inspirational cuteness, The End. But now we actually have a plan (or at least the beginnings of one) that will carry our characters through a full narrative, with each book being basically a chapter.

(That's kinda cool, right?)

The goal is, to have it ready in time for the holidays! — hey look at me planning ahead.

I wish YOU luck in whatever phase you find yourself today!



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