So WHY exactly is Skoshie on Kickstarter?

So WHY exactly is Skoshie on Kickstarter?

It's a good question:

Why are Skoshie & Friends on Kickstarter?

The answer's pretty simple:

To get their messages of ✨positivity + optimism✨ out to as many people as possible!

Zeek the Octopus, Skoshie the Cat, and Wisp the Dragon shine a bit of positivity with everyone who sees them —

👉 📘 sometimes by judging a book by its cover (they're just stinkin' cute)

👉 📖 sometimes by opening the book and reading the pages ( ... literally ... they have books about this stuff!)

and we want them to shine brighter for MORE PEOPLE!

Til now, we've been hand-sewing our plushies — 

but now we're ready to bring Skoshie, Zeek, and Wisp to a bigger audience.

To do that, we started working with a professional manufacturer, who can produce high-quality, safety-tested plushies in quantities large enough to spread their messages effectively!


Anddd that's where YOU come in!

To make these positivity-shining plushies an actual reality, we need your help to get the funding together to make this manufacturing possible!

Share the positivity on Kickstarter!

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