Skoshie's 6 years old!

Skoshie's 6 years old!

Don't you love looking at those "On this day" photo memories?

It's weird and entertaining to see how much younger we used to look.

And it's also cool to think about how far we've come, ya know? How much we've changed (hopefully for the better!).

That's why I love seeing old drawings, too.

Because they've changed, also (hopefully for the better!).

"On this day" six years ago, a kitty was drawn for the first time.

See that? Baby Skoshie!!!

She wasn't even called Skoshie yet. She was nameless for maybe a year. Then she went by "Skribbles" — until, gosh, sometime in  2021?

But now, she's officially Skoshie. (no more name changes!)

And she's a *bit* more mature, style-wise.

Now she's in two books, has visited multiple states, and has an entire business built around her and her friends!

It's cool to think about how far she's come, ya know? How much she's changed (hopefully for the better!).

And to celebrate her birthday, we're doing one last sale before the holidays!

For her birthday weekend, you can celebrate with 20% off any purchase of $12.08 or more ( ... because her birthday is 12/08 ... get it? heh? heh...) using the code SKOSHIEBDAY6

Valid through Sunday, Dec. 11


Thanks for reading :)

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