POV: A very different stage — comic con

POV: A very different stage — comic con

Stage 1: You make art.

Stage 2: People say you should sell your art, so you do:

  • online • farmers markets • craft fairs

Stage 3: You try a bigger stage.

Stage 4: [repeat stage 3]

This past weekend, I tried a bigger stage.

Rhode Island AnimeCon, my first multi-day convention-style show.

It was ... interesting :)

Actually honestly, it was fun — so many enthusiastic people, super helpful staff and vendors — and





Some things I wish I didn't do (like getting a full-size ~read:expensive~ booth space).

Some things I'll definitely do again (like saying YES when SOMEONE ASKS TO INTERVIEW YOU FOR A PODCAST lol).

But in the end, it was a great experience (for learning and otherwise) — and I'm so grateful to everyone who made it possible.

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