Podcast & that thing you thought you sucked at

Podcast & that thing you thought you sucked at

Ever have one of those conversations where you think you're admitting your incompetencies / lack-of-perfection —

But then —

Them: "Whoa, you did WHAT?! That's so cool!"

You: "Wait, what?"

Them: "I can't believe you did [thing you thought you sucked at]. That seems so hard!"

*blank stare as you process*

Not everyone sees our progress the way we do.

If you're anything like me, you tend to overly focus on your weaknesses.

💭 "I suck at time management."

💭 "I'm so slow."

💭 "I'm bad at talking to people."

But that ... isn't ... necessarily what other people actually see.

For example:

Me: I feel like I've been working on my third book forever.

Sean from The Release Valve podcast (!!!): When did you publish your first book?

Me: Last spring.

Sean: Wait, you're telling me that 1.5 years ago, you had ZERO books — your characters didn't have individual personalities — and none had names?! That's so much in such a short time!

(I'm paraphrasing, but you can hear the actual podcast here!)


It was cool to hear that perspective from someone else —

Makes you appreciate what you have done, instead of focusing so much on what you haven't done (yet!). 💜

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