New year, OLD mess?

New year, OLD mess?

When an old year ends, sadly it doesn't take all of its issues with it. (whyyy lol) 😭

I wish it did.

I wish it magically washed all the laundry for me.

Or took out the trash.

Or cleaned up the piles of junk in my office —

Ya know, so I could focus on the EXCITING NEW stuff I want to work on!!!

Alas, but no, not yet.

Sometimes the best way to start a new year is to deal with the existing stuff before committing to NEW stuff.

The beginning of the year can feel like you need to set all these Big, Impressive Goals.
And it can get very overwhelming if you haven't.

Just start
are —
and work with that.

That's setting yourself up for success when you ARE ready for those Big, Impressive Goals.

For me, that looked like organizing my "office" — and I (and two of my real-life cats) wanted to show you! 

(You'll never guess HOW we separated my office from the rest of the bedroom) :)



And now that the mess is gone and I can think clearly in my space, I might finally be ready to start on those Big, (hopefully-) Impressive Goals I want to tackle...


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