Perfect is the enemy of done: My new website

Perfect is the enemy of done: My new website

You guys. I used to write things. I'm so excited to write things again. (I'll keep 'm short, I promise.)

(... believe me, my attention span isn't any longer than yours.)

All this to say: WELCOME TO MY NEW (far from perfect) WEBSITE!

Perfect is the enemy of done, so they say — and I agree with whoever "they" are.

I got it in my head somehow that if I was going to make an online store, it had to be P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

And because of that self-imposed expectation, I did ... almost literally nothing.

I buried my head in the sand.
I dragged my feet.
I pulled teeth. 

And all the while: no. website.

But now, at long last, it's here. It's real. It's still got a long way to go.

It isn't perfect.

But it's done.

I wanted to build a home where you guys can visit my characters and get to know them a bit better —

A place I can share little thoughts and encouragements with you —

And a cute shop where you can find a balance of motivation and me-time in the midst of this crazy multitasking world (with a whimsical dose of optimism, because #glasshalffull).

Thank you for visiting. I'm grateful you're here.

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