How do you measure success?

How do you measure success?

How do you measure success, really?

[insert assorted confused measuring emojis here]
🧐 📐 📝 🤷🏻‍♀️

This might be a random metric, but —

Last week, I showed up at the North Attleborough Farmers Market, hauling my stuff as always.

And within five minutes ⏰ three kids materialized out of nowhere 💥 (metaphorically) and helped me set up my entire tent.

A short while later, two more kids came by and spent tons of time just chatting and hanging out at my tent 🥰

These aren’t my kids.

One mom stopped by during setup, as the trio and I were wrangling my products out of boxes and onto the table, and asked if all three were mine.

"None of them are!" I told her.

They’re all just kids at the market who like to visit, and talk to me, and see Skoshie and her friends.

(One girl even came up with a brilliant idea of creating a Frequent Shopper punchcard … omg a Frequent Shoppurr punchcard?!! … hah yes! … because she loves my stuff so much)

Can you measure success by five kids (from three different families) gravitating toward your booth week after week, actively invested in what’s happening with your characters?


Maybe not. And maybe they hang out at other vendors’ tents, too, not just mine!
But it’s amazing to think that something I’m doing is resonating with these little people.

It might not be the BIGGEST metric of success, but it’s definitely worth somethin’ 🥰

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