Everybody's got goals, but ... sleep?

Everybody's got goals, but ... sleep?

How do YOU start the new year?

We're a few days into 2023.

If you don't have Goals, you're so behind.

(... right?)

This is gonna sound very self-indulgent, I guess, but ... I've started this new year by ...


I wanted to be one of those 5 a.m.-let's-get-it-DONE new year people. I didn't expect to sleep so much. 

But apparently God's been like — "Sit down and shut up."

So I've slept.

And maybe resting isn't the worst thing you can do, if you can.

(Don't get me wrong — part of me feels bad for NOT being a 5-a.m.-er yet this year.)

[insert self-defensive text about why I should feel bad about sleeping, and pointing out the other stuff I *have* gotten done]

But me-time is actually a Thing.

We spend so much of our time go-go-going.
Maybe a moment (or a FEW moments) of recharging ... isn't ... the worst thing.

If we want to accomplish something this year, we'll need the energy to do it.

Where exactly will that energy come from, if we don't rest?

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