December is HERE! With some awesome stuff

December is HERE! With some awesome stuff

[are they all gone?]
[ya know, All The Companies emailing about their sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Purple Nexterday]

If they are, it's safe to come out now ...

OMG hiiiiiiii! It's been a while, and I've been trying to think of what to write about for the holidays. 

There's been SO MUCH going on, I wasn't even sure where to start ...
Then this happened:

So that's what we* did!

We* shared  SEVEN new awesome things (we* think they’re awesome) — one per day, including a big announcement (we* think it’s big) on Thursday, Dec. 1!

*we = still just me


Links to all the cool stuff mentioned in the video below!

-DAY 7-

20% off sale at

Use discount code BLACKFRIDAY22 — EXTENDED through SATURDAY, DEC. 3!!!


-DAY 6-

12 Days of Christmas Adopt-a-Word


-DAY 5-

Bookish & Cozy Collection


-DAY 4-

Stationery & Stickers Holiday Collection


-DAY 3-

Mugs & Drinkware

-DAY 2-

2023 Calendar

-DAY 1-

Zeek The Octopus Plushie!

New Book: "Because You Can"

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