Be INTENTIONAL about doing what you love!

Be INTENTIONAL about doing what you love!

Do you ever stop and realize that the thing you once loved, you don’t do anymore?

When was the last time you did _________? 

[hint: that's where you fill in something you USED TO love doing!]

Life tends to get in the way of, well, living, a bit too often, doesn't it?

That could come in any number of forms. And sometimes there’s even a really good reason.

👉 My husband and I recently realized, for example, we don’t really go out on dates anymore. And that can be traced to the pandemic. We stopped … going…out. 

👉 I stopped boxing — because I don't work at my old job anymore, and the my old boxing gym used to be right down the street from that office. When I stopped going to that office, I stopped going to that gym. 

👉 And it hit me this week that I … never fill a sketchbook anymore. 

Which is weird, because my job is literally ART. But I find myself spending more time creating commissions, digitally editing existing work, or ... doing everything else that makes up this whole running-a-business thing.

I don’t JUST DRAW much anymore. 

I used to fill multiple sketchbooks a year. Just drawing. That's how Skoshie and Zeek and Wisp came to life in the first place! And my inhibitions were lower because I didn't feel like every mark I made on the page had to be *perfect.*  

I need to get back to that.


And I think that’s important to realize — that slowly, work and routine and schedules creep in and take over something that used to mean a lot to you.

We have to be intentional about taking that time. If we don’t make choices for our lives, our lives will make choices for us.

Intentionality is so hard, but I’m trying to be better at it.

I’ll start with a sketch. 

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